Jake is disappointed when Nancy scoffs at his idea for a naming ceremony for Charlie. So he’s easily wound up when Malachy ribs him over his relationship with Nancy. But Nancy remains oblivious to the rising tension between them, partly due to her decision to give Newt extra tutorials. However, she gets a rude awakening when Jake packs his bags and leaves.

Jacqui and Mercedes ignore Carmel when she tells them they will have to stop the shop-lifting and the benefit fraud now she’s dating Calvin. Later, Carmel is horrified when Calvin identifies a top in Jacqui’s bag as a knock off.

Ste and Amy’s financial situation hits dire straits when Ste is forced to hand over the last of his cash to Amy. Already feeling belittled and annoyed by his street cleaning job, things turn even worse when Ste is ordered to clean the front of the pub by a bossy Jack, and Darren deliberately throws some litter in his direction. Ste is unable to control his anger at being reported to the Council and is sacked from his job.

Also, still annoyed by the pirate DJs, Kris is unenthusiastic during rehearsals with Summer for their upcoming show.