I’m leaving you!

Frankie and Jamie are packing up before they leave for Spain to make a new start, but Frankie is feeling distracted. Despite Jamie’s optimism about their future, she feels disturbed by Jamie’s outburst in the pub and is having second thoughts about their hope of escaping their past.

Frankie tells a devastated Jamie that she’s leaving for Spain alone. Jamie is dealt a further shock when he receives an unexpected New Year phone call – from an alive and well Danny, who seems to be back on his feet and back to his old chipper self.

Steve is still desperate to win Michelle from her new flame Sonny and he plots to keep them apart on New Year’s Eve by asking her to work at the Rovers. Steve plans a romantic gesture by decking out the back room with candles and champagne and hopes to spring the surprise on her at midnight. But his plan fails when Sonny turns up at the Rovers to see in the New Year with a delighted Michelle.

Eileen plans a quiet night in for New Year’s Eve with her new granddaughter Holly. But any hope she has of getting Jason to take an interest in his daughter seems in vain as Jason is still in denial about being a dad and continues to insist that Holly be taken into care.

Also, Vera is tiring of the ‘new’ Jack and wants her old grumpy husband back, while Tracy winds up Charlie when she threatens to play away with a fit guy in the pub.