Annalese is admitted to Holby when she passes out at the gym. Connie tells Michael she knows he covered for his wife in the Hewitt post-op notes. She spells it out – it’s either Annalese who goes or both of them! Connie has a secret word with Annalese, who thinks Michael is only covering for her to make up for his fling.

Meanwhile, Donna congratulates Michael on his new baby. Shocked, he rushes to Annalese’s side. But she has more news for him – she plans to agree to drop the claim, but she is also going to leave him!

Maddy wants to apply for a Keller Fellowship, which would give her more responsibility. However, she will have to impress Ric if he is to support her application – and it’s soon clear he’s still in a foul mood. But Maddy puts up with Ric’s orders and he is impressed. He tells her he’ll think about supporting her if she carries on doing well for the rest of the day. Can she keep up the good work?

Chrissie is turned down for her sister role on AAU without even an interview. Mark can’t believe this and vows to get her the position. He resorts to blackmailing the HR Manager, Miles Davis, who has a history of gambling problems.