When Cassie confides she’s feeling a little queasy, Martha half-jokingly suggests she might be pregnant. Although she laughs it off, Cassie decides to later take a test, and the positive result freaks her out. She’s relieved by Henk’s joyful reaction and the lovesick Henk ends up proposing to her. But, unknown to Cassie, Henk gets a call from a mysterious woman who insists he come and see her in the city immediately.

Despite Tony’s concerns, Rachel insists on going back to work, with the aim of talking to Reverend Hall. She tells the Reverand she forgives him, explaining he was wrong about her. He is very grateful for the chat, although the experience leaves her shaken.

Meanwhile, Geoff begs Rachel to let him see Reverend Hall. She tells him she thinks it’s a bad idea but agrees to see what she can do. Reverend Hall is pleased to see Geoff, and Geoff agrees to unbind him so they can pray together.

Geoff agrees to the Reverend’s request to leave the binds a little looser, but when he leaves, he fails to notice an evil glint in the Reverend’s eyes…

*Showing on RTE One, Friday March 7*