Viv drops the bombshell to Ric that she’s pregnant with his baby, and makes it clear that she intends to keep it – but insists she isn’t keen for him to have role in the baby’s life. Noel visits Ric and tries to buy him off so that Noel can pretend the baby is his. When Ric refuses, Noel spitefully tells him he’s been used – Noel can’t have kids and Viv has been desperate to become pregnant, so Viv seduced Ric to have a child. Later, Ric feels used when Viv confirms the news. On the day of her trial, Cassie worries that Simon’s false evidence against her may mean she is going to jail. Meanwhile, Matilda quizzes Simon on the morality of what he’s about to do and urges him to tell the truth. The trial goes badly until Simon cracks and comes clean under Morag’s cross-examination. Cassie is fined and loses her driver’s licence. Despite him hitting it off with everyone in the Bay, Irene is still suspicious about Roman. Leah discovers Roman is in a good financial position, doesn’t have a criminal record and comes from a large family, but that doesn’t seem to satisfy Irene. Time to find a business partner to replace Leah is fast running out… VIDEO: Watch Home and Away highlights here