Immie is embarrassed when Gio turns up to her art class out of the blue, reciting poetry to her. She tries to get rid of him but then notes the impressed looks from her classmates so she relaxes. In the safety of the park, Gio and Immie get a bit more frisky and arrange some alone time that evening.

Later, Immie is hesitant to take things further, admitting that she is a virgin. Gio puts her at ease and things start to get heated. However, Jack returns home and realises that Immie has company.

He throws Gio out of the house and warns his sister that Gio is after one thing only, which Immie refuses to believe, aware that Jack’s concerns stem from worries he will be blamed by their parents. Immie is onto him and Jack promises to keep quiet.

Also, Heston gives the good news that Julia is on the mend, so Karen makes up a gift box for her. And an unexpected arrival at the Mill gets under Zara’s skin.

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