Immie and Jack get in the festive spirit

Karen comes home to find Imogen and Jack dressed up as Christmas Elves with Rob explaining that they’ve been recruited to help with the Police Christmas Appeal collection.

Ruth receives a letter threatening to charge her extortionately for cancelling a gym membership, but when the manager blocks her she falls back on her knowledge of schizophrenia and pretends to be crazy.

Feeling bad about her rant at Simon, Najmah goes to The Mill but is told by Karen that he’s on leave. She’s sitting in her car when Elaine invites her in to talk. Najmah shares her guilt, if anyone is to blame it is herself – Elaine comforts as best she can.

Meanwhile, Cherry’s delight at seeing an old friend at the university soon turns to concern when she hears of her unique thesis.

As night falls we see Simon, sitting alone on a rooftop, his telescope lies forgotten in his lap. He moves and something falls to the ground. As he watches it fall he hears the sound of Scarlett crying, he’s desperate – thinking about jumping…

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