Immie brings Ruth out of the doldrums

Karen tries to calm Immie, who’s stressing about her practical art exam and doesn’t think she can do it. Karen uses some reverse psychology on her and Immie starts to get ready. Meanwhile, Ruth is on a downer following the tap show and feels her life is now back to being boring. Karen overhears Michelle talking about it and decides to cheer Ruth up by taking her along to see Immie’s work.

When Karen and Ruth arrive, Immie’s now happy and leads them through. Ruth sees an arch covered with photos from the tap show, with a mounted colour photo in the middle of her, centre stage, triumphant. Ruth is moved to tears.

Also, Julia gets a phonecall from her old friend Rowly in Italy and later tells Zara he’s doing a trade fair at the NEC so will be staying with her for a while. And a patient of Heston’s starts believing he’s becoming someone else.

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