At Lily’s, Sapphire is melting inanimate objects so a desperate Lily calls to ask Immie to come over. Immie struggles to get through to Sapphire at first but then makes her realise that her burned objects could be artwork. As she leaves, Immie tells Lily that Sapphire feels safe with her and Lily is secretly delighted.

Ruth arrives at work very chirpy and Michelle guesses that she’s seen ‘that bloke’ again. When Ruth reveals his name is Smithy and they met at The Beeches, Michelle is concerned. Ruth arrives home later to be serenaded by Smithy and literally sweeps her off her feet and they kiss in the candlelight.

Also, Charlie is alarmed when he has to deal with Marji’s bereaved friend Sue who is arguing with the new young wife of her late husband over funeral arrangements!

*Doctors celebrates its 10th anniversary on Friday, March 26 and every day this week there will be a short programme following each episode of Doctors to mark the event*

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