Imogen and Amber bond when Doug disappears

When Doug goes missing, Paige and Imogen join forces and Josh walks out on his community service to lend a hand. Even Brad and Terese are temporarily reunited to help with the search. When Doug is found snoozing on the Kennedy couch, Josh tries to return to his community service, but his hard-nosed boss won’t allow it. Imogen and Paige both leap to his defence and realise they have more in common than they’d like to think.

Terese is tempted to reconcile with Brad, but Paul reminds her of why she moved out in the first place. When Susan hears what Paul’s been saying, she suspects he may have designs on Terese, but Paul’s adamant he’s only acting as Terese’s friend. In short, he doesn’t believe that Brad is good enough for Terese.

Sonya takes Nell for a play in the park, but he has a nasty fall. When an officer from the Department of Human Services turns up on the doorstep, the shock is twofold. First of all, Sonya learns that she’s been reported for child abuse and secondly, the person who reported her seems to be the same person who is writing the letters, which can only mean that whoever’s doing this is watching Sonya’s every move…