Imogen and Amber come to blows

Imogen’s riled when she finds Daniel giving Amber driving lessons in their shared car. Frustrated, Amber reminds Imogen that she cheated on Josh, not her. Imogen targets Amber’s sore point – their new sister Paige. Her barb stings and Amber slaps Imogen. But before Amber can apologise, Imogen sees red and a fierce cat fight lands both girls in the pool, humiliated.

Susan clocks the tension between Chris and Nate, and tries to get Nate to open up. He confides in her, revealing he’ll be attending a funeral later that day for a co-worker and shows a vulnerable side. Later, she urges Chris to give Nate another chance and Chris decides to try.

Kathy announces she must return home to Queensland, and clocking the tension in the Turner household, arranges a girl’s farewell lunch. But new sisters Paige and Amber can’t hide their true feelings for each other and come to blows. Seeing how worried Lauren is, Kathy encourages her to give everyone a chance. Lauren apologises to Matt for holding him at arm’s length and they finally reconcile.