Imogen and Isaac grow closer

Imogen keeps the truth about her being a school student from Isaac, but Mason cottons on and his jealousy surges. When she spends the afternoon at the Kapoor house with Isaac, the pair share a charged moment, but Imogen’s pride gets in the way of her true feelings. Later, Mason exposes Imogen’s lie to Isaac but Isaac tells Imogen he already knew she was a student. Later, Mason admits to a stunned Imogen he doesn’t want her to be with Isaac but with him instead.

Kyle assures Kate he can accept Georgia moving on, but his actions indicate the opposite. He goes to see Georgia, convincing himself he’s doing so to check that she’s alright with the idea of him and Kate going public with their relationship. But the reality is he wants to find out where Georgia stands with Jacob. After she learns they’re ‘seeing how things go’, she impulsively lies and declares that she and Jacob are doing the same. Kyle later reveals the news to Kate, playing it down. But in a private moment he finds himself gazing at a picture of Georgia.

Also, Lucy swans in to Lassiters and takes charge. Later, Lucy asks how Lauren’s coping since her revelation and urges her to share her grief with Brad and finally move on.