Imogen fights her feelings for Daniel

Imogen is wary of spending the day with Amber and Daniel shopping for gear for Kyle and Georgia’s party. Daniel quizzes her about her relationship status and she admits that she has a crush on someone who already has a girlfriend. Daniel encourages Imogen to spend more time with this guy, but later she accidentally walks right into Daniel’s official proposal to Amber.

Terese bears the brunt of Brad’s anger when everyone realises she made the call to Paige’s mother. Struggling to cope, Terese begins to put things right when she warns Brad that Paige is upset. Brad’s anger towards Terese dissipates but there’s the sense that this relationship is going to take more time to fix.

Bailey and Alice’s friendship turns sour when they both score interviews for Space Camp placement. Bailey makes a massive sacrifice and decides to pull out of the interview, but Alice urges him to stick to their plans.