Imogen gets her results!

It’s A-Level results day and Imogen’s convinced by her friend Cassie to get dolled up for the news cameras. At college, the crowds amass to dangerous levels and Imogen gets elbowed in the face. The police are called and Rob rescues her. In the privacy of the car she opens the results. She’s passed with flying colours – straight A*s. Rob is happy, but knows it means losing her to university.

Meanwhile, Mandy has a word with Jimmi about the way he’s been treating Cherry lately, but he launches into a boring monologue about running. Cherry is annoyed to learn Mandy has been talking about her, but later confides in her about her relationship status. Cherry soon confesses to Mandy that she slept with Daniel, but instead of showing Cherry sympathy, Mandy’s irate and tells her she’s selfish!

Also, when two warring cab companies fight for The Mill’s business, Howard is caught in the crossfire.