Imogen gets herself a lawyer!

Imogen’s shocked when her dad says he’s taking her to meet a lawyer and sitting in the solicitors’ office brings home the seriousness of the situation to her. She’s tempted to tell her dad the truth when the lawyer calls them in.

Spencer Hawkins is a young, sharp criminal lawyer with little conscience. He has some difficult questions for Imogen – he doesn’t care if she’s innocent or guilty, he just wants to assess how she’ll stand up as a witness. Imogen acquits herself – just – and is visibly upset. Rob promises her it will be all be OK.

Julia gives Kevin a few words of advice about second-guessing patients, but admits to Elaine she likes his energy. But an ill-judged comment from Julia leads Freya to accuse her of body fascism for implying she should shave her armpits, but decides to take action. When Elaine finds her in a state and has to cut a wax strip from her underarm, Freya worries she’s a bad feminist for giving in to convention.

Also, Mrs Tembe’s hopes of a peaceful day on the allotment are shattered when she gets embroiled in the lives of the other allotment owners.

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