Imogen gives Jack an idea

Imogen’s stressed out trying to revise but hungover Jack is driving her mad. He begs her to lend him a tenner and she bursts into tears at his thoughtlessness as she is on the verge of failing her exams again. Jack makes Imogen lunch and helps her with her revision. When Imogen says he doesn’t have to pay back the money he borrowed as she thinks he more than earned it, Jack has an idea to start a freelance concierge business.

Meanwhile, Howard presents Heston and Daniel with the proposed efficiency savings he wants to implement. As the others grumble about the cuts Howard is making, Daniel is full of praise for him.

Karen’s delighted when Daniel presents her with a cheque for helping him with the Botox party as he stands to make a tidy sum from the appointments he secured. As he talks over his business plans for the Botox parties, Howard asks to take a look at the figures. Daniel gets a shock when Howard asks for a bigger cut for The Mill from the Granger Clinic.

Also, Freya’s sad to hear that Patti is suffering side effects from the new medication. And, while trying to save some money for The Mill, Howard gets caught up in a father son dispute.