Imogen impresses Julia

Julia is impressed with Imogen’s speedy work as she helps out at the Campus Surgery and Karen admits she’s glad she will still have her ‘Immie Wimmy’ around when Jack leaves for uni. But poor Imogen gets pushed aside when Jack pops into the surgery to scrounge off his mother and Karen smothers him with attention.

As Lily chases a reluctant Zara for a supervisory meeting, Heston is left to carry out Simon’s ‘check up’ and Simon is alarmed when Heston suggests he should learn to trust his instincts rather than rely on academia. Meanwhile, Lily’s meeting with Zara doesn’t go too well when Lily starts probing her personal life. Zara storms out; she doesn’t need babysitting.

Later, Simon comes back with more questions for Heston and catches him out. Lily comes to the rescue and, to Heston’s annoyance, takes Simon off for a chat leaving Heston’s dinner plans in tatters.

Also, Julia bumps into Liz Frobisher, senior manager of the Primary Care Trust, who credits her new toy boy, Mark, for her renewed vigour. But can Julia make Liz see sense after hearing some devastating news about Mark?

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