Imogen injures Nate

Paige receives a text from Michelle demanding the stolen car money today. Off her own initiative Paige offers Michelle a token amount of money, hopeful she can pay the rest in instalments. Michelle admires Paige’s feisty nature and offers her a job at the garage selling stolen parts, which she feels she has no choice but to take.

Paul cancels his lunch with Naomi and claims that whatever they felt wasn’t real. Sheila confronts Naomi, convinced a little pain now will save her heaps down the line. Sheila visits Paul to thank him but is unaware of how much he is hurting.

When the MAMILs enjoy a coffee break, Imogen carries a box from Rebecchi Law and accidentally causes the MAMILs’ bikes to topple over. Later, Imogen blindly opens her car door, causing Nate to come crashing off his bike.