Imogen is caught red-handed

Imogen is buying some batteries at a department store when she sees a pair of earrings on the floor. She plans to hand them in but then bags them instead. When she goes to leave, she’s stopped by a security guard who calls the police.

Rob’s friend PC Brian Miles arrives and tells Imogen off. She cries, revealing all about her parents. Brian gets her off but still plans to tell Rob. She begs him not to, claiming her dad has enough going on. Brian agrees to keep quiet after she promises never to do it again.

Karen has a counselling session that afternoon and when Daniel helps her get out of a meeting with Julia she grows suspicious. He admits Zara told him about the termination.

Karen lets this go and goes to the appointment. The counsellor David has his work cut out with Karen but she admits she now needs to think practically as emotions cloud everything. She talks about the guilt she feels but the outcome is that she knows she has to go through with the termination.

Quinn goes to see Cherry with severe injuries on her hands and a reluctance to explain how she got them.

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