Toadie’s approached by a potential client – but shocked when he discovers they want to sue the gym for injuries sustained when Brad was supervising. Imogen’s on work experience at Toadie’s office and is outraged by this, but after speaking to Susan, Toadie decides it’s best if he takes the case on – he can’t let his relationships get in the way of his professional obligation. When Toadie approaches Brad, Brad tells him there are no hard feelings – he’s just doing his job. Brad’s financial future is soon uncertain when his boss tells him that the insurance company may not cover the costs as he is liable. With the Willis’s future up in the air, Imogen makes a rash decision to copy Toadie’s case files.

Kate and Kyle are privately relieved when Georgia clarifies what Gem told her – but are confused at how Gem seems to have twisted the story. Gem confronts both Kate and Kyle separately, and while she’s apologetic, they’re both left increasingly wary.

Bailey overhears Callum’s worry about failing the Biology assignment. So when Callum gets an ‘A’, Bailey is left confused. Something dodgy must be going on.