Jack is horrified to see his supposedly anonymous article has been published as ‘My Sister the Shoplifter by Jack Hollins.’ Paul then mentions the article is also going to be used as the basis of a piece in the local paper. Cherry tells Jack she’ll try to stop Imogen seeing anything before her final exam.

Cherry calls the police station and asks Jimmi to stop Rob seeing the local paper with the headline: ‘Officer’s son criticises police treatment of shoplifters.’ Cherry manages to collect papers from The Mill, but Imogen spots a copy of the student paper at the Campus and turns up at The Mill in tears.

Karen calls Rob who sees the headline and goes home to confront Jack, who claims the mess in the family is Rob’s fault. Karen offers to miss her training and be there for Imogen’s exam tomorrow. Imogen’s grateful but when Karen leaves Imogen tells Jimmi and Cherry that she’s not going!

Daisy Mountbatten (ex-Hollyoaks’ star Summer Strallen) arrives at the Campus looking for Kevin, and Mrs Tembe tells her to come back later. When she does, Kevin runs into a consulting room and hides under the desk. Mrs Tembe asks if she can take a message and Daisy introduces herself as Kevin’s girlfriend.

Elsewhere, Kevin encounters a young woman who wants her recurring nightmares to stop – but what do they really mean?