Imogen isn’t keen on ‘Brad the teacher’

It’s Brad’s first day teaching at Erinsborough High and he pitches a host of new school initiatives to Susan. But he’s brought back down to earth when Susan informs him she can’t implement anything at the moment. Meanwhile, Imogen is mortified when Brad becomes the object of desire of a female student and Josh is annoyed when he comes face to face with ‘Mr Willis’ the disciplinarian.

Having learned that Kathy deceived Lauren into giving her up as a baby, a spiteful Paige quietly searches for information on her grandmother. When she blurts out how Bailey is hiding a telescope which was a present from Kathy, Lauren is clearly rattled. Paige tries to offer solace by pointing out that Kathy’s interest in her grandkids is at least genuine. Following from Paige’s insights, Lauren invites Kathy to come and visit – it seems trouble is on the horizon.

Bailey is struggling with his application for space camp due to a lack of extracurricular activities on his CV, so Matt encourages him to set up an astronomy club at school. But Bailey is thrown to discover stiff competition in the form of Alice, a nerdy high achiever who is applying for space camp too.