Imogen meets Isaac Woods, a second year law student and, charmed, lends him a textbook. Later, she discovers he is squatting in the Kapoor’s house and decides to support him with food and supplies. She also allows him to mistakenly think that she’s also a uni student studying law. When Isaac says he wants to repay her for her kindness, Imogen tells him he can do so by tutoring her at law.

Brad’s supportive of Terese’s decision to quit, but when a courier drops off her belongings, including a letter of eviction and Paul’s intention to sue for breach of contract, Terese is furious. She confronts Paul telling him she’s going to counter-sue him for defamation over the video. With no other option, Paul offers a generous severance cheque and the concession that they can stay in their house if Terese agrees not to sue. Terese is over the moon.

At Paul’s victory party, Kyle tells Kate that Georgia has left town and they have decided to divide their wedding fund. Kate voices her confusion to Chris as to why Kyle would tell her this. Kyle also confides in Chris, unsure how he feels about Kate. Fed up, Chris physically puts them together and when alone, Kate and Kyle kiss passionately.