Imogen badgers Jack for her next driving lesson, but he can’t stop thinking about his love life. As Imogen practises her manoeuvres, Jack’s busy arranging dates but gets himself in a tangle when he double-books himself. Imogen tries to help Jack decide which girl he prefers but, just as he makes up his mind, he’s confronted by both girls, who know they’ve been played.

Jack blames his sister’s involvement for the demise of his love life and tells her she can find someone else to teach her driving lessons. Imogen says she was going to pay for proper lessons anyway but she’s incensed when Jack leaves her stranded with the car.

Julia returns from holiday only to find the house isn’t as she left it; the hall lamp is on, glasses are out of place and the door to the spare room is open. There’s no evidence of an intruder, but when she spots empty wine bottles she cottons on and calls Patrick, giving him a piece of her mind.

Patrick tries to defend himself, but Julia doesn’t buy his lame excuses, so he turns up on the doorstep to explain himself. Patrick says his affair doesn’t mean anything but as Julia goes to call Sally he begs his mum not to say anything or his marriage will be over – and so will Julia’s relationship with Chloe. Julia keeps quiet, but tells Patrick to get out of her house.

Elsewhere, Kevin fears he may be responsible when a student joke club spirals out of control and the pranks take a sinister turn…