Paul gets a visit from Hilary, who demands he return the $50 she invested in his failed gazebo business. When Daniel realises Imogen is the one giving Hilary legal advice, he spies a chance to spend some time sparring with his ex. Eventually, Daniel comes up with a way to appease Hilary, and Imogen gets a glimpse of the passionate man Daniel was when they were together.

Terese dashes Paul’s hopes after last night’s encounter when she emphasies they should remain friends. His frustrations are compounded when he receives a harsher sentence than he expected for stealing Susan’s school petition. But things look worse than ever, especially when he meets the new interim Mayor of Erinsborough – Tim Collins.

Sonya and Aaron learn the council is planning to bulldoze the Community Centre and Tim Collins promises to take their concerns to the rest of the council. But, later, Sonya and Aaron are stunned when Tim reveals that not only has he betrayed them by failing to save the Community Centre, he’s also the new Mayor!