Imogen spies Gem and Bailey together

Imogen’s convinced that Gem’s treating her and the other girls unfairly and lodges an official complaint with Susan. Susan investigates Imogen’s allegations. After comparing the marks with the previous semester, Susan concludes that Imogen could be right and presents Gem with the evidence. She’s defensive, but Susan advises her to lift her game. Bailey lashes out in defence of Gem and Imogen soon susses he has a crush. But she’s shocked to witness a tactile moment between Bailey and Gem at Lassiters Lake.

Sheila’s disappointed when Kyle and Georgia decide not to celebrate their engagement with a party. Determined to try to heal old wounds, Sheila decides to throw a surprise party – but she’s gutted when her family refuses to support it. Sheila confides in Susan about her need to make up for her past mistakes, and while Susan’s supportive, Sheila is left disheartened by her kids’ reluctance to attend.

Georgia asks Kate to be her head bridesmaid. Kate accepts, but struggles to keep her feelings for Kyle in check.

Toadie remains suspicious of Gem, and his suspicion increases after he takes a worried call from her mother Coral. Toadie’s convinced there is more to Gem’s behaviour than a broken heart.