Imogen upsets Karen

For a media studies project, Imogen and her college friend, Belinda, interview the staff at The Mill. This is especially poignant in the wake of the virus outbreak, but Belinda soon has to reign Imogen in as she seeks to sensationalise what really happend.

Through a series of straight-to-camera confessions, the regulars discuss their work and private lives, all except Karen who Imogen has excluded. Meanwhile, Karen is determined to help Belinda as Imogen remains oblivious to the problems in her life.

While interviewing Zara, Imogen and Belinda argue and tussle over the camera as Simon gets quite defensive during his interview, particularly when Imogen probes him about why he became a doctor, which results in him walking out.

Belinda thinks they should interview Karen but Imogen doesn’t see the point and, unseen, Karen hears everything. Belinda has a go at Imogen for being so mean to Karen. Imogen arrives home and shows Karen footage of all the nice things her co-workers had to say about her and asks Karen if she can interview her.

During the interview, Imogen can’t help herself and asks Karen about the date. Imogen feels hopeful when she says she couldn’t go through with the date simply because he wasn’t Rob.

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