Imogen’s art installation causes upset

Imogen shows Jack her art installation; he is horrified! He forces her to change it before Rob and Karen see it as it’s such an ‘on the nose’ representation of their problems with the abortion. Immie reluctantly removes the pram from the piece.

Immie’s art goes over Rob’s head but later Karen arrives and is taken aback. She hides her upset from Immie who pushes her for a reaction, Karen doesn’t bite but retreats to the toilets where she struggles to hold herself together.

Jack arrives full of indignation later – what did Immie really expect, an epiphany? Immie later reveals that she has been told that she could get a D-minus for the project; supportive as ever Jack says that’s all she deserves. Upset, Immie heads to the shops where she can’t stop herself stealing a top.

Cherry encounters a seemingly devoted butler who is trying to make his dying mistresses last days as comfortable as possible – but are his motives more unscrupulous?

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