Imogen’s caught stealing, again!

Imogen gets spotted stealing a necklace by security guard Ryan and he escorts her to the security office. Her initial bravado dissipates when he shows her the CCTV footage. He freaks her out when he offers to erase the footage if she goes for a drink with him. She has no choice but to agree.

Jimmi and Daniel are suffering from last night’s overindulgence. Cherry and Zara are equally horrified when Jimmi and Daniel break it to them about the double date. When they bump into each other in the staffroom they’re forced into agreeing to go but both separately set about finding a way of getting out of it.

Discovering Julia has a ton of paperwork to do, they both offer to help. Julia smells a rat and says they can both do it together without her, forcing the girls to backtrack and agree to the date.

DCI Driver calls Rob to her office and tells him even though he didn’t get the job he could still be called into CID, but rather than being pleased Rob just feels insulted.

When Rob tells Karen the temporary CID work won’t bring in any more money her hopes of getting her conservatory end up in the bin.

Elsewhere, Jack sets out to uncover the reason why his friend dumped him.

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