When Imogen finds a man camping by the lake, she’s worried about what Brennan might think and goes to see him. Brennan indulges Imogen’s visit and they take a walk, with Sonya noting that Imogen has a crush on Brennan. As they near the lake, Brennan wonders why private investigator, Tracey Wong, is hanging around. Guessing that she’s working for Paul, Brennan confronts him, insisting private investigators will do more harm than good. But Paul refuses  to listen.

Brennan is obsessed with finding Kate’s killer. Toadie and Sonya realise that he is going through all his old cases, treating each criminal as potential suspects, and their concern for him deepens.

Imogen badgers Paul about the camper by the lake – she can’t get him to move. Paul begrudgingly steps in only to discover that the young man is none other than his nephew Daniel Robinson.

As a debt collector named Norm seeks out Naomi, demanding she return the painting, Sheila arrives home and kicks Norm in the groin. Naomi tells Sheila she sold the painting and that her ex-boyfriend’s wife is now trying to claim ownership. Naomi vows to prove she’s the genuine owner, and turns to Toadie for help.