Imogen’s day in court arrives!

It’s Imogen’s day in court and she hasn’t slept a wink. Karen is desperate to make a good impression and a row breaks out when she insists Imogen changes her outfit. At the court, Rob is reassured when he bumps into Helen, the magistrate overseeing the case. When they are called, prosecutor Tanya Brady questions Billy first, but Imogen’s brief Spencer makes mincemeat of Billy, implying he targeted Imogen to beef up his arrest figures.

After lunch, Imogen takes the stand. Tanya does her best to catch her out but all of Rob’s coaching seems to have paid off and Imogen seems to be through the worst. With only Spencer’s questions for her to face now, Rob is delighted. Everything’s going well when Imogen is overwhelmed with guilt and, to Spencer’s annoyance and her family’s horror, confesses all. Rob leaves the court and can’t even look at his daughter.

Elsewhere, Zara and Daniel wait for news on their embryo. At The Campus, Zara is annoying Mrs Tembe with her obsession over phone messages when she gets the call. Zara informs Daniel that they have one A grade embryo and one C embryo – they are overwhelmed by the responsibility they face.

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