Imogen’s stealing continues

Imogen wants to cheer Karen up by getting her a scarf, but she’s not about to pay for it. When Imogen leaves the store carrying the stolen goods she’s unaware a respectable looking woman, Cheryl, is trying to catch her up. She tells Imogen she knows she stole the scarf and Imogen promises she’ll never do it again.

Cheryl reveals she is also a thief and tells Imogen she is rubbish at it. Imogen is shamed and, taking pity, Cheryl gives her an expensive watch she stole.

At home, Imogen locks herself in her room and cuts up the scarf, sobbing.

Cherry tells Jimmi about Dav groping her, but he just laughs it off. Later, she discovers Dav looking through their bedroom for cash.

Cherry gives him some money but later confronts Jimmi about his behaviour. The couple argue, as Dav enters claiming he will leave. Jimmi insists he stay until he gets the test results. Dav gives Cherry a triumphant wink.

Meanwhile, Karen deals with a troubled student whose act of revenge leads her and Rob to a near-death experience

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