Imogen’s world falls apart!

After Imogen’s confession, Rob leaves the court and walks home, where he drowns his sorrows with whiskey. At the court, Imogen is relieved to hear she only has to do 50 hours of community service, but Karen yells at her for being selfish and stupid.

At home, Imogen tries to apologise to Rob, but he’s having none of it, giving her 10 minutes to pack a bag and leave. Karen says they can’t kick her out, but Rob says her time is up!

Karen tells her to stay at her friend Stacey’s, but Imogen walks the streets crying instead. Later, Karen calls Stacey’s mum and is distressed that Imogen hasn’t turned up. Karen begins frantically searching for Imogen, who is preparing to sleep rough when she meets Jade.

Meanwhile, Rob’s mate Brian calls round to check on him, and apologises for not telling him about Imogen’s shoplifting six months back. Rob is furious at this revelation and punches Brian, who leaves to join the search.

Meanwhile, Jade has told Imogen she can stay with her and her male friend Stevie, adding that Imogen will ‘make a mint’. As Jade and Stevie try to shove her into a car, Brian arrives in the nick of time, and Imogen’s safe.

Brian takes Imogen home, but when she tries to hug Rob he repeats that she isn’t welcome. As Brian drives Imogen to his for the night, Imogen cries uncontrollably, willing her dad to change his mind.