Imran feels for his brother-in-law when Zeedan admits that he’s seen Kate and Rana together and isn’t ready to move on yet.

Faced with the truth about the man she married will Eileen keep his secret or let the neighbours know what he did? And what if Phelan decides that it’s time to get rid of Elieen…

Tyrone tells a sympathetic Gemma that Fiz is convinced that Ruby is a mini Kirsty and he doesn’t want to give her more ammunition by telling her about Ruby’s behaviour. Meanwhile, Fiz tells Chesney she thinks he and Gemma would make a good couple.

Overhearing Imran say he needs an accountant Angie offers her services. Telling Jude she has secured some work she suggests he should try and get a job now they are sticking around. Carla decides she may be interested in number 4 after all but Sally refuses to let her take a second look round the house.

Second episode of the evening.