In a world where kings are employers

There are huge childcare issues between Susan and Mike. She’s not happy that when Mike is supposed to be looking after MJ as part of their divorce settlement, he’s leaving his son with his girlfriend Katherine. Susan’s equally miffed that MJ seems to love his time with Katherine, who makes him exotic sandwiches and is teaching him how to play Black Jack. And things are only going to get worse from now on, because Katherine suddenly announces that Mike is moving in with her.

The almost broke Scavo family resort to desperate measures to keep their pizzeria going. Tom lets all his staff go and replaces them with his own kids, who aren’t too chuffed to be waiting tables for no pay. Tom and Lynette also seem to have ignored that some of their kids are far too young to be lawfully employed. Eventually there’s a big brawl between Tom and Porter, with Tom holding his cheesed-off son against the wall. Is Tom going to have to face the inevitable and close down the restaurant?

Gaby finds out that Carlos’s boss is having an affair then uses it to negotiate a big bonus for her husband when no one else at the finance firm is getting one. But when Carlos finds out what’s happened he has an attack of conscience and is keen to do the right thing by telling his boss’s wife.

Finally, Dave is making his final preparations for the camping trip with Edie, Mike and Katherine. Is this where he’s going to bump off Mike once and for all?