Bree always organises the annual Founder’s Day Ball but, when she accepts Katherine’s offer of help for this year’s event, the others predict a clash of Biblical proportions. True to form, Katherine soon starts to take over, changing the menu and even stealing Bree’s usual job of presenting the Founder’s Ball Award.

When Mike asks Orson to visit him in rehab, Orson is worried that Mike has remembered that it was he who ran him down in his car. Though Mike only wants to apologise for asking him for a drug prescription, Orson’s conscience is troubled and his worries materialise in him sleep-walking naked in the kitchen, much to Susan’s surprise!

Gabrielle is having a hard time waiting hand and foot on poor Carlos and feels she deserves to get something out of his situation, too. On Lynette’s advice, she applies for a disabled card for the car, but this leads to a major confrontation when she takes a shopping trip alone.

Meanwhile, Lynette and Tom are amazed to discover that Rick is to open a rival restaurant across the street. Lynette starts to worry when it’s obvious that Tom’s still jealous of Rick, and then the police turn up with the news that someone has thrown a brick through the new restaurant’s window…