As a deadly fire rages through the shopping centre Jeff and Polly lead the casualties to safety while Adam stays behind to search for Heather. He finds her and Ella alive but panics when he becomes claustrophobic and confused trying to find a way out.

At the hospital the team prepare for an onslaught of burn victims, while Jessica struggles to deal with the news Adam’s missing. The junior doctors are unable to cope with the horrors of the emergency department. And chaos descends when Zoe rushes out after receiving a mysterious call.

Back at the shopping centre Jeff and security guard Lee return to the burning inferno to search for survivors. When the floor collapses Lee’s buried in rubble and Adam and Heather fight to save his life, while Jeff manages to make it out of the building and get more help.

Meanwhile Lee, Adam, Ella and Heather attempt to escape by climbing the lift shaft. But before Heather can make it out a fireball engulfs her and she’s killed instantly…

At the emergency department Mr Tweedie confesses he started the fire for insurance money to a furious Jessica. While Polly helps homeless Alistair find somewhere to live.

After Adam returns in deep shock the devastated staff learn of Heather’s death.