In the first part of this two-part special Adam is severely tested in his new role as Clinical Lead…

Polly and Jeff are called out to rescue Ella (Waterloo Road’s Katie Griffiths), whose arm has become trapped in an industrial fan. Unable to deal with the problem the paramedics send for Adam. He takes Heather – one of eight new junior doctors who has joined the team – to the derelict shopping centre to free the trapped teenager.

What should be a routine call-out quickly becomes a horrendous disaster when Ella’s father Mr Tweedie – the ruthless owner of the centre – sets off a homemade bomb in the basement so he can claim insurance. There’s an enormous explosion and the building becomes an inferno, trapping everyone inside.

Back on the ward, Alice is struggling to deal with Curtis’s death and organises a tree-planting memorial. She’s distraught when no one turns up but just as she’s about to leave, the gang arrive and Charlie makes a moving speech.

Meanwhile back at the centre the crew are fighting for their lives alongside security guard Lee (Shameless star Anthony Flanagan) and homeless man Alistair (Heartbeat’s Joe McFadden in an extended guest role).

Will any of them get out alive?

*Part-two airs on BBC1 on Sunday 13 September*