Stow your good taste at the door for this deliciously filthy and defiantly un-PC movie outing for the four loser lads from suburbia.

The UK equivalent of an American gross-out movie but with added F-words, this is no-holds-barred entertainment very much in keeping with Channel 4’s cult TV series.

After leaving school, swotty Will (Simon Bird), gormless Neil (Blake Harrison), lovelorn Simon (Joe Thomas) and sex-obsessed Jay (James Buckley) go on a ‘sun, sand, sex, sea and sex’ holiday of a lifetime – only to discover their disastrous luck and tragic pick-up capabilities have followed them to Greece.

Laugh-out-loud moments include Jay’s drunken kip on an anthill, Neil’s nifty nightclub moves, Simon losing his clothes and Will popping his cherry (at last).