Super-thief Leonardo DiCaprio is a corporate spy skilled in stealing secrets from people’s minds while they’re deep in sleep in this dazzlingly clever sci-fi thriller.

Writer-director Christopher Nolan pulls off an amazing feat – producing a blockbuster movie that’s both incredibly spectacular and amazingly smart.

The plot is certainly mind-boggling. DiCaprio is one of the best there is at his job and is given the task, never tried before, to implant an idea in the mind of billionaire heir Cillian Murphy – without him realising anyone’s tampered with his brain.

DiCaprio assembles a crack team for the risky task – his partner-in-crime Joseph Gordon-Levitt, architect Ellen Page, forger Tom Hardy and chemist Dileep Rao. But his own guilty dreams of his past with his wife (Marion Cottilard) threaten to sabotage the mission.

The film gets even more complicated when DiCaprio and his team penetrate a labyrinth of dreams-within-dreams, encountering ever more perilous hazards as they pass each level.

Yet the fact that the plot demands attention only adds to the exhilaration – and there are several breathtaking sequences, including a remarkable chase in a hotel that’s rotating, done with a minimum amount of CGI effects.

A remarkable film to stimulate the brain, quicken the pulse and pluck the heartstrings, this is not to be missed.