Sid feels he hasn’t been there for Indi and is so disturbed by her situation he gives her a cheque to cover her debt to Romeo but she’ll have to pay him back. Indi goes looking for Romeo to let him know the money has been transferred but can only find Ruby who is grateful and hopes Indi will now leave them alone. Indi agrees and tells Ruby she’s won.

Xavier tells John that his use of the police database may now see him ejected from the academy, prompting John to ask Emerson to go easy on the cadet but only making the situation worse. Later, Emerson calls on Xavier telling him he’s letting him off but to keep his family life separate from his work and Xavier makes a decision – he’s going to move to Goulburn permanently.

Leah makes Ruby promise to see an obstetrician but Ruby finally admits she’s lied about the pregnancy. Leah is shocked and pleads with her to end the emotional blackmail.

Alf doesn’t seem happy that Harvey and Lottie are moving in permanently and when Roo confronts him he expresses his concern that she’s not planning ahead.