Angelo berates Indi for selling alcohol to Ruby as a furious Charlie rips into her daughter for being so irresponsible. Ruby insists the wine was a gift for Charlie and it was Irene’s idea. Charlie confronts Irene and tells her she’s taking Ruby home to live with her – permanently. Ruby tries to apologise to Indi, but Indi’s not interested. Their friendship’s over.

Sid is desperately disappointed in Indi and shouts at her. Later, he worries he was too hard on her. He goes to tell her still loves her, regardless of what she’s done, but she won’t talk to him and storms off. Sid feels like an inadequate dad.

Angelo is beating himself up over the whole fiasco. Despite being let off with a caution, he feels it’s unfair that Indi will be fined. As her employer, isn’t he responsible? He decides to take the matter to court, wanting to get the fine revoked. Charlie tells him that Indi should be punished and if he loses he could face jail.

Bianca is unimpressed over her enforced library duty with Liam. He enjoys her displeasure and goads her whenever possible. But could there be a hint of interest from both parties beneath the bickering?

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