Indi bids farewell to Romeo

Romeo’s ashes arrive and there’s a note for Indi in his bag. Indi takes Dex, Chris, April and Sasha to the lighthouse – the last place she was with Romeo – to scatter his ashes. Dex reads Romeo’s note, an emotional farewell to Indi. Indi tells Chris that she’s had closure but she has to do one more thing. She has Romeo’s wedding ring where it came with his letter. She puts it in the drawer with her ring, where it belongs, and embraces Chris. Later, April asks Dex to propose to her again.

Murray is charming when Spencer arrives at Sanctuary Lodge and Evelyn discovers he’s a Summer Bay resident. She tries to warn him without blowing her cover – Murray must believe she’s still dedicated to the cult or she’ll never see her father. Spencer quickly succumbs to Murray’s ideologies as Evelyn sneaks him a letter, pleading with him to give it to Oscar.

Hannah feels bad leaving Oscar to go on her first shift at the hospital. Leah promises to look out for him. Leah convinces him to joins her for a tour of the Bay. Oscar reveals he feels connected to Evie when he draws. Leah tells Zac that Oscar’s struggling after being separated from the person he loves most in the world.