Indi confronts Sid about Romeo

After Casey and Indi reconcile Heath shows up, angry that his shift has been cancelled. Elsewhere, Chris shows up at the gym, and Casey’s on edge – protective of Indi. However, Indi’s enjoying the flirtation, but it’s clear her mind’s still on Romeo. Casey appeals to Indi to give herself some time before she starts another relationship. Indi confronts Sid about hiding Romeo’s sickness from her. Sid reveals that he Romeo left so she could be free to move on with her life.

Maddy confronts Chris about his treatment of his brother, but Chris implies Spencer has been complaining about Maddy. She attacks Spencer about what Chris inferred earlier. Spencer suspects Maddy’s been manipulated, but when confronted, Chris tricks Spencer into believing that Chris is innocent and Maddy is angry at him.

Zac and Natalie are dismayed to hear that Connie has taken Darcy interstate. Bianca and Heath get a letter from Connie’s lawyer informing Heath that his name is not on Darcy’s birth certificate so he has no legal rights to custody.

Bianca tells Zac and Natalie that she’s scared Heath might act recklessly. Concerned, Zac finds Heath at the gym about to make a false report about Connie. He stops him and Heath lets his anger out by punching Zac in the face.