Indi’s been distracted by her dreams of Romeo and tells Chris he deserves someone who stands by him. Chris reads between the lines – she’s breaking up with him. Indi doesn’t want to break up, she just needs time to get over Romeo. Later, Indi tells Dex the reason she’s stayed in the Bay was the hope that one day Romeo would come back. Now that he’s dead she needs to leave the Bay.

Jett has a plan to be with Nina – he’ll enrol himself at her private boarding school! John is unimpressed with his plan and Jett tells Roo about his problems. When he backtracks, realising Roo is in the grip of her own loss, Roo snaps. Later, Marilyn and John discuss how much they want to be together, and a pleased Jett overhears.

Tamara catches Bianca attempting to hack into Heath’s computer, and Casey’s annoyed when he finds Heath copying his old assignment. Casey decides Heath needs some tough love. He goads Heath into doing the test and helps him complete the module. Off the back of Heath’s dedication, Casey decides he wants his HSC. Now Heath has taken the first steps, he tells Bianca he’s been studying to be a personal trainer and Bianca gives him her support.