Indi enjoys some ‘friend’ time with Romeo

Liam seems happy to let Indi enjoy a friendship with Romeo and when she cancels a lunch date with him, claiming she wants to be alone after her visit to Dex, Liam thinks nothing of it. But when she spends the time surfing with Romeo, Liam feels pushed to the side. He starts to think their relationship started at a bad time and that it’s not going to work out, leaving Indi furious that she’s being dumped at her time of need.

Trying to sort things out with Roo, Harvey comes up with a grand gesture, suggesting they get married as soon as he can sort it out. Roo is thrilled at the idea but, yet again, Harvey puts his foot in it, expecting her to cut ties with Tim. Their resulting argument triggers Alf to step in, sending Roo off to decide who she wants once and for all – Harvey or Tim. Roo meets with Tim and breaks the news that she wants Harvey, but Harvey spots them in a final kiss goodbye and, believing she’s chosen Tim, packs his bags and leaves town…