Indi gets her photo shoot

Dex lends Indi the money to pay for her modelling portfolio and her photo shoot session seems to go well until the photographer suggests that she needs to take her clothes off. Unwilling to comply, Indi ends the shoot and loses Dex’s money in the process. Dex isn’t too concerned, however, he’s preoccupied with his worries over April. Eventually he seeks her out and, after he confesses his love for her, she apologises for snapping at him and puts his worries to rest…

Romeo visits Indi to apologise for not telling her about Ruby’s pregnancy straight away and he soon realises she’s heartbroken over the news. She kicks him out, however, claiming she wants to get on with her life. Later, Romeo tells Ruby he wants their relationship to end, though he’ll support her in any way he can.

Following Jett’s mother’s funeral, Gina is concerned that the young lad isn’t handling things well. Then, when she sees VJ with a bloody lip, she realises Jett is still causing problems. She confronts him and he unintentionally pushes her over… just as John walks in.