Indi has a revelation

Sid and Roo’s romantic cruise was a disaster, and Indi’s part in it has caused even more tension between her and Roo. After a fair bit of persuasion from Romeo, Indi finally apologises to Roo. Her apology leads to her realise she’s actually afraid of her own life racing out of control after its dramatic change, rather than Sid’s relationship with Roo. This revelation repairs her relationship with Roo and also brings Romeo and Indi even closer as they share their worries about married life.

Roo, after all the trouble with Indi on the cruise, is confused about whether her relationship with Sid is meant to be. She doesn’t want to be the reason Sid’s family breaks up. But the apology from Indi leads to a reconciliation between them. Maybe she could get on with Sid’s family after all?

Marilyn carries on with her predictions, despite the trouble the tarot reading with Roo caused. She does a reading for Elijah and before he can stop her, Marilyn becomes convinced their futures and interlinked – perhaps romantically?