Indi runs the gym into debt

Indi’s falling into heavy debt chasing Romeo. Heath tells Indi that he hasn’t been paid and she apologises, making up an excuse. Later, Indi’s devastated to hear the investigator has been following the wrong person. Sid confronts Indi over the money issues facing the gym.

Ricky begs Kyle not to tell Brax what’s going on – if Brax gets wind of it, whoever is responsible will kill him. Kyle goes to Bianca, pleading with her to help mend the rift between Heath and Brax. After listening to Bianca, Heath confronts Kyle, discovering Ricky’s responsible while taking orders from an anonymous source. Bianca is elated to hear about a program for pregnant students, but is interrupted by Heath who explains the situation, wanting her to get out of town, but Bianca won’t leave.

John is proud of Jett for not contacting Casey or the police. Meanwhile, John tells Bianca that Gina mentioned a principal that was doing a trial for a pregnant student at a school in the city.

Later, John asks Marilyn to dinner but, still concerned that he’s interested in her, Marilyn lies to avoid it. Jett and John go to Angelo’s alone, where Roo reveals that Marilyn lied. John confronts Marilyn and she says she thinks they need space, leaving John hurt.