Indi sees Kieran’s dark side

Indi avoids another date with creepy Kieran. Roo thinks Nicole’s depressed about the baby and suggests Nicole talks to Marilyn and Sid. Nicole reluctantly agrees, but then Indi suggests they go to a gig and Nicole jumps at the chance. Kieran turns up unexpectedly. Nicole drinks too much and later accuses Roo of projecting her regrets onto Nicole.

Indi, in the car with Kieran, tells him she’s tired and wants to go home. He ignores her and continues driving. Eventually Indi snaps and demands Kieran stop the car. Kieran aggressively turns on her and Indi scrambles out of the car. Kieran’s temper gets the better of him and he drives off leaving Indi stranded in the middle of nowhere!

Angelo is bitten by the Braxton’s guard dog and is certain the brothers are hiding something. Brax knows there was an intruder and notices Angelo limping. He puts two and two together. Angelo also drops hints but Brax claims he and his brothers were shooting pigs.

Charlie confirms a date with online suitor Ryan, telling Brax the date’s a smokescreen for their relationship. Charlie turns up at Angelo’s looking amazing and Brax is annoyed. However, she later reveals she cancelled the date. She only has eyes for Brax.

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